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it's a jOURNEY

Intentional Transformation through Self-Awareness


Every journey begins as an idea.  Movement begins with a first step.  Maybe you are at the starting line, ready to begin.  Or you’ve taken the first baby steps but aren’t sure which way to go from here.  This is your life, and IT’S a journey that only you can take.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  Allow me to help you:


> Identify where you are and where you want to be,

> Think of how to get you there so you can

> Start your forward progress. 

The focus of this journey of exploration is always on YOU – uncovering strengths, clarifying values, identifying which inner thought patterns serve you well (and which ones don’t), and discovering your true passion and desires.  It is my job as your coach not to lead you so much as to walk with you and shine a light on possibilities you may not see for yourself.   As you take this journey, you will be transformed into a person filled with self-confidence and self-esteem.  Remember, the power for growth does not occur by reaching the destination…It's in the journey itself.


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Mother and Son

Work/Life Balance

Before COVID, you may have thought your work life and personal life were out of balance.  Then you were told to stay at home…and the kids were, too... and things really got out of whack!  Are you having trouble, even after months of practice, finding the balance and setting boundaries that work?  What takes priority, your family or work? How often does taking care of yourself take a back seat? Is it time to re-evaluate and reset your priorities? 

Let me help you design what your “new normal” will look like.

Outdoor Aerobics

Health, Fitness & Well-Being 

Is your physical fitness suffering from a lack of consistent effort? Do you have goals set to improve your well-being but feel like you aren’t making the progress you had hoped?

Has a diagnosis (for you or a loved one) suddenly put you on a detour from the course you had planned for your life? Are you trying to figure out how this new path can be navigated & still get you to fulfilled dreams and goals? 


Let's work together to make it happen.

Working Together

Interpersonal Relationships:

You are great at what you do, yet something seems to be missing. Do you feel a void in your relationships? How would better communication skills improve your personal and/or professional life? How would it feel to know you have support in any situation or environment?

Let's take a look at how your relationships can be strengthened!


Peace and Joy:



Is your typical day filled with peace and joy or frustration and turmoil? Do you tend to focus on the negative or the positive? Are the thoughts that play over & over in your mind moving you forward or holding you back? Do you wonder what happened to the fun & carefree person you used to be? Would you like to have more peace, joy, fun and energy back in your life?  

Let's explore alternatives that will bring you a peaceful and joyful life.

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