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The Process

New clients often expect that they are enrolling in a coaching “program”, but you are not. This is YOUR journey.  You are your greatest asset, and I respect that.  Your time and money are valuable, and a cookie cutter coaching program would be a bad investment of both. Because your path in life is unique, the process we follow will be uniquely designed for your personal growth.  Together, we’ll help you discover options and you will make choices on how to best:


  • Leverage your natural resources (time, personality, passion, energy, and skills) to accomplish your vision and purpose.

  • Determine the right investment vehicles (i.e., education, associations, relationships) that focus on short-term progress and long-term growth & stability.

  • Create and fund a “You-nique Health Savings Account” that focuses on mental, physical and/or spiritual aspects – resources for when you’ll need to make withdrawals without impacting your prosperity or passion.

  • Evaluate your current information sources (both internal and external): Identify where you get information.  Understand which of the “twitter feeds” you follow need to have the volume turned up, which ones need to be turned down or off, and add others which will serve you properly.


Coaching is not about me giving you directions to follow...


It is about you taking a journey and exploring what opportunities are available to you. It is about seeking and discovering your purpose.   It is about finding options and making choices.  I will be your journey companion; my role is to shine light in the shadows and help uncover hidden gems within and around you along the way.


Coaching is not about digging up what hasn't worked so far...


It is about opening the right doors to identify strengths you have hidden inside which you can use to move yourself forward. It’s about thinking and exploring what new skills you’ll need for personal growth and start implementing them to fuel your growth and forward movement.  

"If nothing changes, then nothing is going to change."

James Clear 

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results."

Rita Mae Brown

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  • What is Personal Coaching?
    Coaching is a partnership between a coach and client designed to help you become your personal best. It is empathy and encouragement for you as you look inwardly and examine what is holding you back. This may be beliefs, attitudes, or perspectives that limit what you can accomplish. By identifying these, you gain a better understanding of yourself. You can make changes for a more positive mindset and to foster personal growth.
  • How do I know if coaching is for me?
    The best way to learn about coaching is to experience it – you’ll never know if you’ve never tried! So, go ahead -- call me or fill out the form on the Contact page. I will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute sample session so you can get a good feel for how I coach. Think about this…You can spend 30 minutes waiting in line at Starbucks for a mocha latte, or you can spend 30 minutes with me investing in yourself. It’s your choice.
  • What is the difference between coaching and counseling (therapy)?
    Coaching and therapy are similar in some ways, but there are many differences. Therapy looks at a client’s past to discover hurts and wounds, and the focus is on healing those wounds. It is based on a diagnosis, and it may take a long time to discover the root cause of a client’s behaviors. A coach works with the client using the present to create their desired future. The focus is on identifying potential and personal growth. Rather than trying to identify the causes of negative behaviors, coaching helps the client explore and adopt behaviors that generate higher self-esteem and enable forward movement.
  • How do the sessions work?
    Sessions are conducted either by phone or video conferencing. This enables you and I to work together regardless of where we are located geographically. This will save you time, as there is no travel time to and from sessions.
  • How long is each session?
    Sessions are 30 or 45 minutes, depending upon the agreement between coach and client, and are conducted weekly.
  • How long will this take?
    Experience proves that lasting change takes time. All new clients are asked to make a 3-month commitment to the coaching process. Most clients make great progress toward their goals in 6 to 9 months, but it is up to you to decide when you are ready to “go it on your own” and end the coaching relationship. My clients know they can always return if a new need arises or if they simply want to touch base for a brief follow up.
  • What is expected of me?
    You are the expert in your life, so you decide prior to each session what you want to discuss and explore that week. I will give you thought exercises to do between sessions to drive home what you discover in a session. When exercises are given, you have the right to accept the assignment, reject it, or make a counteroffer. I expect accountability but will not judge if you don’t follow through. Accountability to yourself is important, and we’ll work to make that happen.
  • What type of payment is accepted?
    You will be billed online through Square, and receipts are sent to your preferred e-mail. Major credit cards are accepted.
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