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Jan's Personal Journey

When you find yourself on a detour that has taken you off of your desired path, it is how you perceive the situation that makes the difference.  Your view of the circumstances can make it an opportunity or an obstacle.  The choice is yours. 

I hope the road less traveled is the one you choose.

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I have been coaching and mentoring for 25 years.  I have coached one-on-one with individuals on personal and professional matters and with couples working to improve their relationship.  I have worked with groups of up to 30 participants.  I have spoken onstage to audiences of over a thousand.  I have mentored within my role as co-owner of a global marketing business,  where for 27 years I have been able to pursue my passions and work toward financial independence while assisting dozens of individuals and couples in starting their own business – helping them meet their needs for independence, self-worth and financial goals.  As a way of giving back to our community, I have worked with groups at our church and am currently mentoring military spouses exploring career opportunities that function well within their military lifestyle.

Like you, I have had many roles: wife, mom, Lolli (grandmother), student, employee, business partner, and business owner. I have faced obstacles and been through several of my own detours in life, including multiple periods of transition, losses, damaged (then healed) relationships, and health challenges.  In each situation I had to make the choice of whether to let the situation get me down or to look for the hidden opportunity for growth that would help me through it.  These experiences have forged me into a stronger person. It is what I have learned -- and am still learning -- through those events that has given me the heart to help others. And it is my God-given gift of being a listener and, more importantly a hearer, that allows me to do so. 

I have discovered that one of my strengths is championing for others.   When I see a need, I try to fill it.  Sometimes this can be done myself, but most often it happens by engaging help from those who have the proper influence to make a difference.  As a coach, when I see a need in my client's life, it is exhilarating to  help them work through the process of discovering things they can accomplish on their own and learning how much support they can get from others when they allow themselves to ask for help. 


Here's what a few of my clients have to say about what it's like working with me... 


"Throughout the coaching relationship, Jan took the time to understand where I was at in life as well as in my marriage. During shared sessions with my wife, Jan provided encouragement & support to address my issues and new ideas to get past conversational sticking points. During one-on-one sessions, Jan provided a safe space to explore my role in my marriage, confront my thought habits, and challenged me to try new ways of interacting with my wife. Jan helped both me personally as well as my marriage during a difficult time by helping me define growth steps consistent with a healthy relationship and God's plan for my life."

Gene, San Antonio, TX


"I've had the privilege of knowing Jan for over 45 years. She doesn't do anything without total devotion, and those qualities are what makes her the perfect Personal Coach. If you're looking for a true professional who can listen in earnest, picture your vision, help you think outside the box and give you reasonable guidelines for a more harmonious outcome....she is the one!" 


Jackie, Austin, TX

"Jan was a Godsend when we needed it most! Our sessions helped me process my anger and grief which were needed for my healing. Jan was always flexible with our sessions and would always find time for us when a crisis arose. "


JoAnne, San Antonio, TX


"Jan has a unique sense of compassion and immense spirituality. Caring for others comes natural to her. Having her coach me around one of my retirement goals brought me clarity and focus. I know where I'm going. I highly recommend Jan as a coach!"


Vivian, San Mateo, CA

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