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A Letter to Dustin -- Our Son


Mom & Dad are deeply missing you this Holiday Season -- but we are comforted knowing that you are where we all long to be for an eternity of Holiday Celebrations! And with that thought, we smile! We are doing OK and are blessed by seeing your earthly spirit, smile and loving heart when we Facetime or visit Olivia -- she is just like her Daddy!

So Dustin, enjoy being perfect & save a seat for Mom & Dad at the Daily Celebration of our Savior's Gift. And get ready to have a big hug for Mom as she will hold on to you for at least one span of eternity -- maybe two!

Thank Jesus for us for making you perfect -- and extending us such Grace, Peace and an Abundance of Blessings!

Love ya lots, son!

Mom & Dad

P.S. from Jan:

For anyone who has experienced loss (and I know there are many)...Here are a few songs that have brought me comfort this past year and help me imagine what it’s like for Dustin in Heaven through my earthly eyes! Enjoy! Jan

When I Finally Make it Home (MercyMe - Finally Home (Video) - YouTube_

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